Argentum Premium

safe - flexible - always available

You want the most silver for your money? And that from a small investment?

Then we recommend Argentum Premium!

With Argentum Premium, you get the best value for your silver investment by buying fractions of a 15 kg silver bar with others.
Thus, you invest at prices like the big investors.

 Simple to buy and sell

With the Real Value Silver Savings Plan, you can easily and flexibly buy more or sell.

As flexible as your life

A savings plan as spontaneous and flexible as your life – WITHOUT any duration term or payment obligations.

 Best Partners – Best Quality

We store 15 kg silver bars from Umicore (reference letter) of the highest quality 999/1.000.

Without 19% VAT you can buy more goods

With this savings plan you buy and sell your silver without any VAT. This will allow you to buy 19% more silver, which in turn can add value.

Sign up now & save!

Use your knowledge advantage and invest in real values with a future.

Even more advantages of Argentum Premium:

Safe & independent storage

Store your precious metals in Switzerland, in Europe‘s safest vault. Find out more about the high-security vaultimng facility and the storage fees here.

Invest tax-free

After a holding period of only 12 months, your profits are even tax-free (e.g. in Germany).

Outside the banking system

The high security vaulting facility is outside the banking system

24/7 Availability

The high-security vaultimng facility is open 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year by appointment.

Use your knowledge advantage and invest in real values with a future.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Fast and cheap online processing
  • Monthly savings plan or one-time purchase
  • No fixed or minimum duration terms
  • 100% part owner and / or owner
  • Duty-free, secure and insured storage in the Swiss high-security vaulting facility
  • Outside the banking system
  • Buy and sell flexibly at any time
  • Your precious metals can be delivered at any time or picked up on site
  • You can exchange your holdings for other precious metals at any time
  • Guarantee of authenticity by renowned manufacturers
  • Audit of inventories by independent Swiss auditing firm

Do you have questions?

We are happy to discuss your questions personally or over the phone.

Call us on +49 6224 98 97 11 20


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