Precious metal storage in the duty-free storage facility in Switzerland St. Gotthard

Store your precious metals in the safest place in Europe


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Details on the duty-free storage facility in Switzerland St. Gotthard:

The duty-free vaulting facility St. Gotthard is located in a former bunker within a granite mountain massif. It has bullet and explosion proof doors. This high-security storage facility is one of the safest storage locations in the world and is located only 90 km south of Zurich in central Switzerland, making it easily accessible by car or train.

Originally, the bunker in the St. Gotthard massif was part of the so-called “Swiss Reduit”, a military defense system. The Swiss built this for protection against a German attack during the Second World War. The defense system consisted of about 20,000 bunkers located along the northern and eastern border of Switzerland to the border of Liechtenstein. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, a large part of the bunkers were demilitarized and sold to private investors, including today’s duty-free vaulting facility St. Gotthard.

What better place in Europe to store could be for your precious metals than this 24/7 guarded vault in the St. Gotthard massif? More information here.

You benefit from lower storage costs as Elementum collects orders from multiple investors and stores the precious metals once a month.

The storage costs are transparent and fairly staggered. They include all ancillary costs such as procurement, logistics, security, insurance, storage, inspection and certification.

The storage fee depends on the value of the stored silver and amounts to between 0.50 and 0.845% of the average market price per half-year. For gold, the price is 0.20 to 0.375%. The calculation is based on the average monthly exchange rate of the Swiss Franc and the average monthly value of your precious metals.

The storage of the metals is not bound to a fixed term – the storage duration is flexible and terminable at any time.



What are the payment methods ?

With Elementum you have the following methods to pay for the storage of your goods:


Monthly payment deducted from your holdings

The storage fee is deducted monthly directly from your inventory, grams exactly. Thus you avoid additional post, effort and costs.
This payment method offers even greater anonymity and simplifies the payment process.