Only the best for children – make a gift of lasting values!

Every child has always dreamed of owning a treasure. Pirates, on the other hand, search for their treasure and the clever goblins make their own treasure. Make children’s dreams come true, with lasting values.

With the unique offer of the Elementum – Treasure4KidS – it is very easy to build up a true fortune with lasting value for children.

Physical precious metals such as gold and silver have been known for millennia, and precious metals will continue to play an increasingly important role in the future. This ensures security and prosperity of your children for the future.

With Treasure4KidS you always have the special gift for many occasions, such as: birth, baptism, birthday or nameday, kindergarten or school start, communion etc.

Everyone can make such a gift, e.g. parents, grandmother / grandfather, aunt / uncle, cousin, godparents, friends, acquaintances etc.

Call us and open a storage place for your loved ones

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7 good reasons for Tresure4KidS

  • More real values (silver & gold) in "Good Delivery" quality through the 5* Elementum Strategy
  • Always up-to-date asset built up
  • Transparent & low fees, best buy and sell prices
  • Always available, with inflation protection and crisis proof
  • No fixed duration term, notice period or restriction on dissolution
  • View the asset balance online 24/7 (daily updated)
  • Take advantage of it for the whole family

Conditions for Tresure4KidS

  • Einmalige Einrichtung des Lagerplatzes
  • Flexible Einzahloptionen (einmalig oder regelmäßig ab 50,- € pro Überweisung)
  • Teil- oder Komplettauszahlungen möglich
  • Auszahlung auch in physischen Edelmetallen möglich

And that's how easy it is:

  1. Please contact us at or by phone +49 6224 98 97 11 20 or +49 7031 429 43 88.
  2. Your contact person will work through the documents together with you and then opens your personal storage space in the duty-free vaulting facility with you.
  3. Every time after receipt of payment of the desired amount and expiration of the legal withdrawal period, the appropriate precious metal purchase takes place.
  4. Thereafter, the physical deposit takes place in the respective storage location and subsequent online credit.
  5. Every day you can follow the current inventory and look forward to the asset build up.

Every day you can follow the current inventory and look forward to the asset accumulation.